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Why TWT?


  •  PRODUCTIVITY:  Our system has a far shorter process time than all other equipment in the industry.  This is the most advanced thermal modification process on the market. It is a closed vacuum system and has the ability to modify 4500 board feet of wood in 12 hours or less (versus 48/72 hours in the typical “open” systems which use no vacuums).  As a result, our system has a far lower energy consumption and has the ability to produce significantly more product in a much shorter time frame.


  • DURABILITY :  Traditional systems produce a product where Durability is rated as a Class 2 for pine, spruce etc. Our Durability is rated as a Class 1.


  • STABILITY :  Our modification process occurs at much lower temps due to the use of higher pressure.  This method avoids brittleness, checks and mechanical degradation of the wood.  Because we utilize a scientific process, we produce a far more Stable product with much lower scrap rates and corresponding cost savings.


Therma Wood Technologies Plant-3

Therma Wood Technologies Manufacturing Plant in Polson, MT


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About Us

Therma Wood Technologies is a producer of thermally modified wood products based in Polson, Montana.

Prior to forming Therma Wood Technologies, the company under a different brand produced products for the gun industry along with other specialty, niche markets using hardwoods. The current management team decided to divest from that business and turn our focus exclusively to the commercial marketplace.

Our business experience in the construction, wood products and manufacturing arenas, along with some in - depth due diligence told us there is a very significant opportunity for a U.S. based producer of thermally modified siding, decking and related products. The U.S. siding market is expected to be worth $80 billion by the end of 2019.

Along with a rebranding and name change, we made a major investment through the purchase of a state of the art, Autoclave from a Danish manufacturer. This Autoclave is the first of its kind globally and is the most technologically advanced equipment used in thermal wood modification.


Our Autoclave is capable of producing over 3 million board feet annually.


Between the autoclave and facility we have invested significantly in our future. We are currently in advanced test mode with our equipment and have been able to produce products that are now market ready. In addition, we are committed to purchasing complementary equipment which will allow us to apply coatings that will add fire retardancy and additional longevity to our product line.

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quality-sourced-thermally-modified-woodIn late 2018, we determined that our customers would be best served if we could be a fully integrated supplier. We made the decision to invest in commercial wood molding and finishing equipment. One of the pieces we recently purchased is a Weinig Unimat. This high capacity molder not only meets all of our current needs but will allow us to grow and support the future needs of our customers. In addition, our facility also houses a commercial grinder, end matcher and wire brush finishing equipment.

Therma Wood Technologies is very excited about bringing thermally modified wood products to the U.S. marketplace. We are totally committed to the growth and development of our business and are suitably capitalized to do so. We look forward to becoming our customers’ supplier of choice as we manufacture the best product available in the marketplace.

Unmatched sales-related experience supported by operational excellence.  A Senior Leadership Team with significant experience and prior success in Manufacturing, Production, Construction and Sales utilizing wood products makes TWT a leader in the thermally modified wood industry.