Therma Wood Technologies is a thermally modified wood manufacturer based in Polson, Montana.  Here you will find some examples of our product used on various projects.

Our system is the most advanced thermal modification process on the market. It is a closed vacuum system and has the ability to modify 4500 board feet of wood in 12 hours or less.  As a result, our system has the ability to produce significantly more product in a much shorter time frame.

Traditional thermally modified wood suppliers use systems that produce a product where Durability is rated as a Class 2 for pine, spruce etc.

Our Durability is rated as a Class 1.

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Vail, Colorado


Product used: Vertical Grain Western Hemlock 1x6 Fineline

Thermally Modified Wood Manufacturer Vail Installation

Location: Vail, Colorado


Vail, Colorado


Product used: Western Hemlock Fineline on both the black and brown siding

2 Colors Thermally Modified Wood Supplier

Location: Billings, Montana

Thermal Wood Tech has unmatched sales-related experience supported by operational excellence.  A Senior Leadership Team with significant experience and prior success in Manufacturing, Production, Construction and Sales utilizing wood products makes TWT a leader in the thermally modified wood supplier industry.

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